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Dealer Information

A note from our Dealer Accounts Manager

Survival Equipment Dealers
We want to thank you for considering Best Glide ASE for your wholesale/dealer survival equipment needs.  We have numerous new products coming out in the near future, so please visit us often.  If you are interested in our products, please review the below and let us know if you have any questions concerning our dealer policies.  We very much hope to count you as one of our very satisfied customers.  We will send you some information so that you can start offering our high quality products to your customers.  Again, we very much appreciate you stopping by and truly hope that we can be of service to you.

How to Sign Up

We highly recommend you read the below information before applying for a wholesale account.  To apply, either click on "create an account" at the top of every page, use the Login Tab or go here.  Please note that no orders may be made until you have been approved and issued your wholesale credentials.

Adventurer Series Survival Equipment

Best Glide ASE is proud to offer our line of high quality and affordable essential outdoor tools, Adventurer Series Survival Equipment.  Best Glide ASE began in 2002 with the simple goal of providing the highest quality camping and survival gear at affordable prices.  Our motto then and today is “Best Glide ASE, where preparedness is our philosophy and customer service is second to none.  Adventure…Survival…Life…”  Since 2002 we have grown from a line of only ten items to more than 400 products.  As outdoor enthusiasts, all of us at Best Glide know the importance of being prepared.

Our Wholesale Program is retailer friendly as we require only a low minimum purchase and accept many forms of payment.  Our products are in demand as many of our kits and products are in use by the U.S. Military, Governments, Rescue Organizations and others.

We are constantly adding new items to our wholesale lineup, most of which are Best Glide innovations. You simply won't find them anywhere else. We would be proud to have you as our customer.  Because of this, make sure you are signed up to receive our email updates as they are our main method of notifying our customers of new and exciting news about products, prices and events.

Best Glide ASE Survival Equipment

Best Glide Aviation Survival Equipment has been providing high quality survival kits, survival gear and survival and rescue equipment since 2002. Best Glide offers a high quality line of Wilderness Series Survival Kits and Survival Fishing Kits to include: Wilderness Survivor Survival Kit, Wilderness Guardian Survival Kit, Wilderness Companion Survival Kit, Wilderness Trekker Survival Kit, Adventurer Pocket Survival Kit, Military Scout Pocket Survival Kit, Be Prepared® Boy Scout Survival Kit, Ultimate Adventurer Survival Kit, Desert Operator Survival Kit, Standard Survival Fishing Kit, Basic Emergency Fishing Kit, Compact Emergency Fishing Kit and much more.  All are very popular and many are in use by the U.S. Government, Military Contractors and numerous other organizations.

Authorized Retail Outlets

Best Glide ASE is proud to offer wholesale/dealer agreements to almost any established retail outlet either "brick and mortar" or internet based.  Internet based stores must be owned and managed by the purchaser.  Amazon and Ebay type sales are not permitted.  We simply require the submission of your state's resale tax permit as proof of your operating status. We very much enjoy working with other businesses and hope you will give us the opportunity to show off our customer service and quality products.

However, Best Glide ASE does require that resellers advertise our products at or above the MSRP/MAP.  This is done for many reasons, however most important is the protection of our dealers and retail customers.  Often, a dealer will reduce the price of an item, at a loss, to draw customers in to his/her business.  Though this is understandable, it is detrimental to our other dealers.  Best Glide ASE reserves the right to refuse to sell to those businesses that do not adhere to this policy.

Amazon/Ebay Dealers

Best Glide ASE does not authorize and strongly requests that our resellers do not offer our products on Amazon, Ebay and like internet based sales platforms.  Best Glide ASE reserves the right discontinue sales to a business using these sales channels or those that do not adhere to the set MSRP.

Affiliate Program

Did you know that Best Glide ASE has an affiliate program?  For those that don't wish to carry inventory, the affiliate program is the way to go.  Get a commission on every sale that you send to us via a website, post or email.  For more information, click "Affiliate Program" at the bottom of every page, or go here.


We do our best to keep a well stocked inventory of every product we sell.  However, due to unforeseen large orders or manufacturing issues, we sometimes run low.  Please allow us ample time to assure that we will be able to fill your order by any deadline that you may be facing.


We are happy to extend credit terms to established companies.  Due to fraud, we are not able to extend terms to companies or persons that do not have a verifiable business history, or do not have a history of successful payment with our company.  Often, the completion of a first order using a U.S. based credit card will suffice for future credit terms.

We accept company checks, credit cards (MC, VISA, DISCOVER, AMEX) and PayPal in payment for products purchased.  Our overseas business customers are requested to pay via wire transfer.  Best Glide ASE reserves the right to delay shipment of items purchased by an unverified means of payment, until this payment can be verified as legitimate.  This is rare, but it does occur from time to time.

If you would like to be extended credit, let us know and we will send you a credit/company information application. Much less information is needed when the purchaser wishes to make all purchases via Credit Card.

Minimum Order

Best Glide ASE and www.wholesalesurvivalgear.com currently require a minimum purchase of $500.00, per order.  This minimum order quantity currently does not apply to our affiliate program customers.  Case quantities are not required.  We apolgize, but drop shipping is no longer available.

Please note that we are currently reviewing our policies and the minimum order may change in the near future. 


You may place your order by any of the below methods:

Toll Free:  888-834-9971
Ph: 254-662-5266
Fax:  254-662-9097
Email:  orders@bestglide.com
Or feel free to use this website by setting up a Dealer Account.

If you choose to e-mail us your order, please include your company information and someone will contact you for payment instructions. Please do not e-mail any bank or credit card information.


You will be charged actual shipping/packaging rates only.  If you have your own carrier for shipping, that is all right with us and we will work with them to get your order out as soon as possible. Matches and some other flammables cannot be shipped via USPS, but we will be happy to ship other items to you by this method if you wish. Our normal shipping company is UPS. Certain items may not be shipped internationally.

If you wish to order through this website, our dealer website, and you choose to purchase items that cannot be shipped via United States Postal Service, due to their hazmat restrictions, USPS will not be included as an option when you are asked to choose your shipping method.  Also, if you include a shipping account number in your dealer information, you will be given the option upon ordering to use your own account for shipping.

Product Image and Description Policy

Best Glide ASE Dealers have full permission to use images and product information from this website.  Please also note that a "Downloads" tab is included at the top of each page.  As new documents (price sheets, flyers etc.) and high resolution images become available, they will be uploaded there for registered dealers to use.

Return Policy

Best Glide ASE wants you, and your customers, to be happy with your/their purchase. If you are dissatisfied with any product, please return it to us with the original packaging for a full refund.

We regret that we cannot accept returns on the following items: partially consumed water and food rations, partially used survival or first aid kits or any item that appears to have been used contrary to the manufacturer’s recommendations or its intended purpose.

Any damaged shipments should be reported to the carrier as there is a limited time for making a claim.  Keep the packaging, all packing materials, and all of the items together. The carrier will inspect the packaging and contents and will return the damaged items to us. We will resolve the matter with them and ship a replacement to you ASAP. We usually will not wait for a resolution prior to sending you a replacement product. Again, your customer satisfaction is extremely important to us.

Please send all returns to:

Best Glide ASE, Inc.
105 E. Ward
Robinson, Texas 76706

Toll Free: 888-834-9971
International: 254-662-5266
Fax: 254-662-9097

Please use a trackable method of shipping such as UPS or FedEx Ground.

New Products and Policy Change Notifications

Please note that all Dealers are automatically added to our email list.  If you prefer to not be included, you can either let us know, or you will be given the opportunity, with each email, to de-list yourself.  However, please note that we use this method for all sorts of sales, pricing, products and other notifications.  If you are not on this email list, you will likely not be notified of sales, pricing and product changes.


We would truly like to have your business.  We hope that you will give us the opportunity to show you the customer service that others have come to depend on.  For more information on these policies or to receive more information on our products, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us with any special request you may have.

Toll Free: 888-834-9971
Intl: 254-662-5266
Fax: 254-662-9097
wholesale@bestglide.com (dealer account related questions)
orders@bestglide.com (to place an order via email or other questions)

The Best Glide ASE Team

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